How Does Giving to the CFC Work?

If you are a federal employee or a retiree, you have a lot of giving options. You might be wondering, why you should consider giving through the Combined Federal Campaign CFC during the next enrollment?

Here are a few great reasons:

  1. Give through Payroll Deduction. Spreading your gift over the year makes it automatic, easier at tax time and it really adds up for your favorite causes! You can also set up credit, debit and PayPal if you prefer.
  2. Give to Multiple Charities. Make all of your charitable donations and pledge volunteer hours in one place.
  3. Give for Collective Impact. When we give together, it means bigger checks for  charities.

Looking for even more reasons?

  • Tax-deductible giving
  • Unrestricted funds for charities
  • Easy to renew
  • Long-standing federal tradition
  • Federal employees¬†can even volunteer
  • Secure online giving platform
  • Thousands of vetted charities

CFC provides a safe, secure way for federal government employees, retirees, military, and veterans to give back by pledging dollars or volunteer hours to vetted community nonprofit organizations. The convenient payroll deduction provides a steady, dependable income to charities and federal regulation ensures vetted, quality charities.

Why it matters

The CFC is the largest workplace giving campaign in the world. And the Give Back Foundation suppoprts and salutes the work not only of the CFC and federal employees, but also the great impact of the charities that receive donations.

We want to make that process as easy as possible, to inspire more people to give more.

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The Give Back Foundation Supports the CFC!