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Impact: What do YOU care about?

With the Combined Federal Campaign giving campaign, you can give as little as a dollar per pay day. There are thousands of approved charities. Here are some examples of causes and the positive impact your donation could have.

Cause of the week

Children building things in a classroom

(week of Sept. 19)


Fills a child’s backpack with school supplies, helping a new student feel ready to learn.


Provides 6 months of training for a teacher in the developing world.


Introduces four girls to leaders in the scientific field to develop an interest in STEM.

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Global Health
(week of Sept. 26)


Protects a healthcare worker in Africa with a certified facemask, eye protection, and 5 pairs of sterile gloves.


Installs a solar-powered well to bring clean, safe water into a community without a sanitary water source.


Installs a solar-powered well to bring clean, safe water into a community without a sanitary water source.

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Housing & Shelter
(week of Oct. 3)

Buys a 50 lbs. box of nails to help build a new home for a family in need.

Shelters a homeless child for a week.
Constructs a shelter for a refugee family.
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Disaster & Crisis Response

(week of Oct. 10)

Trains 10 individuals to manage community risks and prepare for disasters.
Outfits a firefighter with a helmet designed to protect from falling debris, injury, and extreme heat.
Distributes 12 Disaster Relief Kits that contain food, clean water, medicine, and blankets.
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A mother hen watches her chicks
End Poverty
(week of Oct. 17)
Gifts a family a flock of chicks, providing a source of nutrition and income for years to come.
Buys a starting inventory of clothing for a small business.
Supports 25 women to create and participate in Savings with Education groups.
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Children learning in a classroom
Arts & Humanities
(week of Oct. 24)
Translates photo captions to honor and remember Holocaust survivors.
Equips a teacher with resources to educate 150 students about major historical events.
Boosts a child's confidence through 12 weeks of professional voice, dance, or acting training.
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Animal Wellfare
(week of Oct. 31)
Examines, vaccinates, and treats one rescue animal for fleas and worms.
Medicates and feeds two injured wild animals for an entire month of recovery.
Funds the research, production, and distribution of one report on the impacts of wild animal trafficking.
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Father and daughter hugging, father in military uniform
Military & Veterans Services
(week of Nov. 7)
Provides one military member serving overseas with a personal first aid kit.

Films a deployed service member reading a bedtime story and sends it to their children.

Puts one of our nation's heroes in the stands of a major sporting event.
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Family warms up with a blanket
Children & Family Support
(week of Nov. 14)
Wraps warm, cozy blankets around 10 children displaced by conflict.
Trains 10 pediatricians to identify the signs of child abuse and trauma.
Provides a princess makeover for a critically ill little girl.
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Mother and son packing items at a food pantry
Food & Nutrition
(week of Nov. 21)
Improves farming standards with one hour of research on sustainable practices.
Provides life-saving treatment for a severely undernourished child.
Serves 150 nutritious meals at a school food pantry.
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Human Rights
(week of Dec. 5)
Prints know-your-rights pamphlets for an LGBTIQ community center to distribute.
Educates an entire classroom on the history of human rights.
Sponsors one rescue boat to liberate 15 children from slavery in the fishing industry.
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A man cleaning up trash on the beach
Environmental Protection
(week of Dec. 12)
Removes one pound of trash from the ocean.
Provides 4 water testing kits to identify pollution hot spots.
Offsets 1,000 pounds of carbon in the air.
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Kids learning at camp
Mental Wellness
(week of Dec. 19)
Screens 16 individuals for a mental health condition before a point of crisis.
Helps teach summer camp kids how to form positive relationships.
Supports a whole senior community with a month of wellness classes.
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Voter registration
Community Improvement
(week of Dec. 26)
Funds a daylong voter registration drive.
Hosts a dance workshop for survivors of domestic abuse, boosting self-confidence through movement.
Trains six court officials in sexual violence and women's rights laws.
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Researchers in a laboratory
Medical Research
(week of Jan. 2)
Prints 400 guides to teach caregivers how to protect children from skin cancer.
Funds 2 hours of research to accelerate a cure for brain cancer.
Sponsors a lab scientist for one day of disease-specific research.
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